Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Who Kristi and Maria Are

The first post of this blog was addressed to Kristi, Maria and all. When the idea of a blog was first presented to me, I decided that I would write it as if it were going to Kristi and Maria in particular, along with everyone else.
Kristi is my sister-in-law, and Maria is my next-door neighbor. Both are like blood sisters to me. In April, Kristi moved to Macon, Ga., with my brother and their two children, and next month, Maria is moving to Richmond, Va., with her husband. (Their children are grown.) I miss Kristi very much, and I'm missing Maria already and she hasn't even left. It just so happened that this blog started on a day that my column in the newspaper dealt with the issue of grief. There are so many kinds of grief, some absolutely devastating, as mentioned in the last posting about my colleague, and some kinds of grief that while not necessarily life-altering, must be dealt with nonetheless. I feel a sense of loss without Kristi nearby, and at the prospect of Maria leaving too. I'm happy for the new opportunities open to them, but there is a sadness when a meaningful relationship is no longer the same.
Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know the story behind the salutation to Kristi and Maria.


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