Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Kindled Candles

Dear Kristi, Maria and All,
As we explore the meaning of light, here are some thoughts from Daniel Matt's book The Essential Kabbalah:
First, consider this fundamental concept: The Kabbalah teaches that all spiritual energies flow from an infinite source referred to as Ein Sof. The term Ohr Ein Sof means "light of infinity." While Matt cautions against fashioning metaphors for Ein Sof, there are other Kabbalists who refer to Ohr Ein Sof as a metaphor for God. Since our minds are limited, very little about God can be intelligible to us.
Here is what Matt says on Page 29 of his book:
"Everything is from Ein Sof; there is nothing outside of it. . .You can compare Ein Sof to a candle from which hundreds of millions of other candles are kindled. Though some shine brighter than others, compared to the first light they are all the same, all deriving from that one source.''
More later.


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